Desktop Version

Installation Requirements


  1. Download the installer EXE file: Download Page
  2. Start the installer EXE file and follow the instructions
  3. After the last installation step, you can start Sorting Thoughts


  1. Download the DMG file for macOS: Download Page
  2. Open the DMG file and move the Sorting Thoughts app to your application folder
  3. Go to Applications and start Sorting Thoughts

Checksums of the installation files

Version 2.0.0

Filename SHA-1 Checksum MD5 Checksum
SortingThoughts-Installer_2.0.0.exe ec3ccf3efcc723d88cebc2912ba6d14d7db4438a 6e8c44fe3f5782e9662cd6ef27de3777
SortingThoughts-2.0.0.dmg fc254359ec17a1e454656107fa00bf2e8933a3e5 50468d4dde88a67b8557350e627e9c66

Checksums of older versions

iOS Version

Installation Requirements

  1. Open the App Store
  2. free download
  3. install the app
  4. start the Sorting Thoughts app

Version Compare

see Version Compare