To make certain that no one has modified the software between the time of creation and the time you wish to install it, you can calculate the MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) checksum and compare your result to the MD5 checksum published in the table below. If the file has not been modified by some sinister malware person, the checksums will match. Otherwise you should delete this file and download it directly form the official download page.

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Version 1.4.0

File name MD5 Checksum
ST-32bit-setup-v1-4-0.exe b59a6d591b9cd65b806239bc2512163e
ST-32bit-v1-4-0.dmg 74111fd51306b48e2dc7d8d543337ab4
ST-64bit-setup-v1-4-0.exe e89dab1a21ef797ed805217f4feb9708
ST-64bit-v1-4-0.dmg 1d75b512a70177d234b76ad3b53ef7ce
ST-Tiger-32bit-v1-4-0.dmg 7865a9a98971407a49b7c866669a9944

Create a checksum on macOS

Open the terminal, switch to the directory that contains the file to check and type:

for MD5:

    cd Downloads
    md5 ST-64bit-v1-0-2.dmg

oder for SHA-1

    shasum -a 1 ST-v2-0-0.dmg

Create a checksum on Windows

You can use a tool like HashCheck.