Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my registration code for ST desktop version.

Please contact me via the contact form.

I lost my password. What can I do now?

Sorry! You have no chance to read your data. Only yourself know the password. Please remember your desktop and mobile app password.

What is the different between single and family version?

The Family version can be used by up to 5 users and is also suitable for small businesses.

Which algorithm used Sorting Thoughts to encrypt my entries?

All entries in Sorting Thoughts are encrypted with the XTEA (32 cycles) encryption algorithm. The encryption mechanism is a feature of the used database H2.

The iOS version used the standard security features of iOS with NSFileProtectionComplete to encrypt data.

I have found a bug or have questions.

If you found a bug or having a problem with Sorting Thoughts, please send me your bug report, question or problem by filling this contact form: Report a bug

In the iOS app of ST you can send support mails directly from inside the app. The mail includes some information about your app version and your device. Please use this feature to send me your bug report, question or problem.

App support view

Can I see the progress of the development?

To see the progress of the development you can use the GitHub Project Page. You can also create new feature requests or bug reports there.

Where can I enter the test registration code?

You can test all features of the desktop version except the sync service with a 30 day test registration code. Please enter this code in the “Help > Serial number register…” dialog of the desktop version.

enter register code